The Computer Hardware Chart was born out of a simple problem, customers at a store I worked at could not easily tell the difference between RAM chips. The chart started small, with only comparisons of common RAM sticks. Then expanded to CPU sockets, media connectors, and more. I published this chart to help others in 2009. Since then I have been collecting hardware to photograph for newer versions of the chart. Nearly all of the images in the Computer Hardware Chart I took myself from bits I’ve been collecting over the years. I allow the download of the Computer Hardware Chart for free from DeviantArt. Feel free to print your own copy, or you can purchase a print from DeviantArt for a fee. Please do not re-sell this. Be aware of imposters re-selling on ebay and other print sites.


Computer Hardware Chart Project

The latest version of Computer Hardware Chart 2.0 is available for  download over at DeviantArt. Prints are also available for a fee.

Version 2.0 - Published 1/31/2016

14400 x10800,  40” x 30” @ 600dpi

Download Hi-Resolution PNG